Article Courtesy of Bikram Yoga Richmond, VA:

“The Original Hot Yoga: Scientifically designed to produce results faster!

When some people think of yoga, they picture dark rooms, incense, mystic chanting and meditation. While that’s true of some forms of yoga, Bikram hot yoga is different.

Bikram hot yoga is based on a fundamental scientific principle: that heat accelerates chemical reactions. And since your body runs on biochemical reactions, speeding them up produces results faster. Research from Colorado State University’s Neuromuscular Function Laboratory shows that the first 55 minutes of exercise in this environment raises your body temperature one full degree. So in the last 30 minutes of each class, your body’s chemical processes burn fats faster, break down built-up acids faster, and kill bacteria that can cause sickness and disease faster.

But that’s only part of the story. You also achieve results faster because Bikram hot yoga works more than just parts of your body. Unlike other exercise programs, its systematic sequence of postures and breathing exercises works every muscle, every joint, every tendon of your body – and your glands and nervous system as well.

It’s why Bikram hot yoga classes are 90, not just 60, minutes long.

Bikram hot yoga also floods your body with superoxygenated blood – and nothing speeds up your body’s natural processes more than the combination of heat and oxygen.

A 300-pound weight injured Bikram Choudhury’s knee so badly that doctors pronounced it incurable. But by applying scientific principles and then testing them on himself, he achieved complete recovery.”

Now the Original Hot Yoga that started the hot yoga craze is finally in Tampa Bay to help you achieve whatever fitness results you want, from rehabilitation to meditation to yoga for weight loss… faster. – Ganesha Hot Yoga St. Pete