‘I’ve been taking Sarah Furtado’s classes for years now and I must admit that when I first started going, I didn’t like like it because of the heat. I told Sarah this and she said just listen to my voice and concentrate on that. So, I did and it worked! Her voice calmed me and now I love going to hot yoga. It makes me feel centered for the entire day plus I get a really good sweat in as well. Sarah is an excellent, inspiring teacher and makes hot yoga fun.’

P. Daikery

‘Having practiced yoga for many years I was very happy to have found Sarah Furtado as a teacher. She is phenomenal in sharing the Bikram style, but does so in a very personalized way. She gives new students attention and reminds each student to listen to your body and not push yourself too hard. She has a gentle but firm tone and does a great job articulating cues. Sarah is gifted at not just Bikram yoga, she is a rockstar teacher and crafts yoga classes in many different styles. I’m confident that I can trust her in each and every class. I highly recommend Sarah’s class to anyone!’

Ryan L.

‘I always want a yoga teacher to be rooted in tradition and spiritual, but also approachable, modern, and fun. Sarah Furtado is that perfect instructor who motivates and supports, creates a space of both comfort and challenge, and tirelessly champions her students. She is devoted and kind and anyone on a mat in a room she leads is lucky indeed.’