Jax Wiest is our featured student of the month! She has lost over 11 lbs and 3% Body Fat. She has been eating real food and… since the the day we opened our doors, she has been doing Bikram Yoga 3 times a week.

Jax – Balancing Stick

“I am a Realtor with Keller Williams, but previously I worked in the residential construction industry for over 10 years. Over the years, repetitive use of my right hand messed up my neck, shoulders and back, leaving me with chronic, daily pain. Since then, I have constantly searched for something to help with pain and provide therapy. I’ve tried numerous chiropractors, each had different techniques from manual manipulation and neck traction to the Impulse IQ Adjusting Instrument gun, but nothing worked. I tried physical therapy which helped but only for a period of time. I even tried an inversion table every other day or so to help with disk compression on my neck. It’s for sale if anyone is interested. LOL.

So, one month ago I started slowly checking out Bikram Yoga St. Pete. It was the hardest exercise I’ve ever done in my life! When I finished the class I felt a huge sense of accomplishment, I realized that I DID IT!!! I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this proud of myself. After a few classes, something truly happens. And, make no mistake it happens really, really fast! My 2nd class, we were told by Sarah in the middle of Standing Bow-Pulling pose, ‘one day you’ll be able to see your toes, over your head, in the mirror.’ Ok, I believed her, but also thought that’ll be in a year or two. At this point, I couldn’t even balance on one foot! Then by exactly class #6…. yep, Holy Smokes, there are my toes over my head in the mirror! The responsiveness of my body to this exercise has been completely amazing!

Yoga for Weight Loss : Another part of my history, I stopped smoking cigarettes Feb 14, 2011 and the weight piled on. I was glad I wasn’t smoking at the time so didn’t care as much about the weight initially. Over time that wore me down and I gained over 30 lbs.

Fast forward to the fall of 2014. I started Bikram Yoga with Sarah who was gentle but firm. Then every instructor after her, yep, did the same thing! To everyone who is afraid of the heat listen up: each time the heat gets easier to deal with and each pose you get better and better than the time before. The instructors tell you to try three classes before you judge the heat – they are spot on.

On the days I can’t make it to yoga, all I think of is… I can’t wait to go to class tomorrow! Try class at Bikram Yoga St. Pete for yourself, I am sure you will be as hooked as I am after just a few classes.” WiestHomes.KWRealty.com

Congrats Jax! We’re so extremely proud and completely inspired. Do you want to be featured in our next blog? Please comment below, FB us, Tweet us or stop by the front desk on your way out. Peace, love and a kick-ass standing bow!