“Over the holidays, I had my first week that I didn’t make 3 classes. It felt HORRIBLE!! I missed the sense of accomplishment and the physical feeling of euphoria dearly. The week after, I was back with a smile on my face and excited to be sweating and stretching again. No matter how hard it would be to get back in that saddle, when it comes to yoga practice, I am happy to do it.

Now on to my next challenge: anticipation and control.

I’ve been practicing Bikram yoga for many months now and by many teachers’ consideration, I’ve graduated from beginning student to intermediate student. As most of you know, the Bikram class is a consistent series of 26 postures. And, it’s the same 26 postures every Bikram class. I’ve reached the point that I know all 26. I can basically remember what’s next, how much longer it will be, how many more poses are left, etc. As an intermediate student and no longer a beginner, this knowledge has begun to affect me in the form of anticipation. For example, I began to notice that I would start the posture before the teacher even gave the instruction. Basically, I discovered that I’m thinking too much! Or, one could say, trying to “control” my yoga class experience. The control freak in me even started sneaking a peek at the temperature reading on the thermometers to see how hot it “really” was in the room… The thought that I couldn’t control something, anything… that I couldn’t control my experience had begun to drive me nuts…. The temperature, humidity, the time ticking by, the teacher, the amount of sweat on my face… you name it.

Thankfully, I have the ability to see this challenge for what it really is – an opportunity of a life time to truly see something pivotal, something life changing… that I can really only “control” one thing – MY REACTION. Oh yeah, and my breathing. Control the breathing!

It’s a good day when you’re aware you are a control freak and a better one when you do something about it.

Do nothing, anticipate nothing, control nothing, and just breathe.”

Jacqueline Wiest
Website: WiestHomes.KWRealty.com